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 Post subject: Introducing: Simrien (Simon)
PostPosted: Tue Sep 30, 2008 1:21 pm 
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Good day all, I thought I'd better start the ball rolling on this.

My name is Simon,
I was born in 1969, am one of the leaders and a founding member of the Wisdom of the Valar.
(Sort by join date in the kinship panel and you'll see).

I am an avid rpg gamer, an avid Tolkien fan and love LOTRO.
I have been playing RPG's since the days of D&D and used to be a DM.
From there I moved onto the Sinclair Spectrum 48k (The Hobbit, Lords of Midnight),
Games Workshop's Talisman board game (which I still own and play with my eldest daughter, my other two children are not old enough to play... yet),
Commodore Amiga (Dungeon Master, Dungeon Master 2, Frontier [Elite II]),
I flirted with Advanced HeroQuest for a while again running the show as a GM,
PC (Unreal Tournament, Kingpin, Diablo, Diablo 2, Warcraft II & III).
I also ran a highly popular Freelancer server (Similar to Elite) for over two years.

I listen to the unabridged audio books of The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings (including Appendices) on rotation.
Consequently, I know a complete but rough history of Tolkien's mythology from creation to the beginning of the 4th age.

I love most forms of music ranging from Electro in the 80's, pop/rock in the early 90's and now my favourite is progressive House.
Dave Seaman is my favourite DJ currently - check him out on Spotify.

I am adequately skilled in web design, databases, php, graphics and most things to do with pc's.
I created, maintain and develop this web site.

I bring to the kinship over 3 years of LOTRO experience since release, a wealth of IT experience and hopefully a sprinkling of maturity.
All my characters are a member of the Wisdom of the Valar and are listed in my signature below.

I am dedicated to the kinship and want us to be a familiar and trusted name on [EN] Snowbourn.

My instance knowledge is as follows;
The Great Barrow - Excellent
Garth Agarwen - Excellent
Fornost - Good, know the quick route to the final boss, get lost in the maze a bit
Carn Dum - Excellent, Have fought all the bosses and can mostly find my way around.
Urugarth - Excellent.
The Rift of Nurz Ghashu - Know tactics for Barz, Zurm, Frûz, Zogtark, Narnûlubat, Shadow-Eater, Thrâng & Thaurlach
The Forgotten Treasury - Good
The Grand Stair - Excellent
Dark Delvings - Limited
Fil Gashan - Limited
The Forges of Khazad-dum - Limited
Skumfil - Limited
The 16th Hall - Good
Filikul - Excellent
Sammath Gul - Good

I know two routes to Carn Dum by road.
I know how to get to The Rift by road also.
I know my way around the whole of the middle earth map and a good 90% of Moria.
I have supreme tier and guild crafters in all crafts and my services are available to the kinship (I craft on Sundays).

Epic Quests needed...
Volume 1 Book 3 Chapter 2 - Evanric
Volume 1 Book 5 Chapter 2 - Evanric
Volume 1 Book 12 Chapter 1 - Isadorawyn
Volume 1 Book 12 Chapter 8 - Nicholil
Volume 1 Book 14 Chapter 1 - Abiwen

Volume 2 Book 3 Chapter 6 - Isadorawyn
Volume 2 Book 4 Chapter 6 - Khazum
Volume 2 Book 5 Chapter 2 - Nicholil
Volume 2 Book 7 Chapter 4 - Khazum
Volume 2 Book 7 Chapter 4 - Nicholil
Volume 2 Book 7 Chapter 5 - Isadorawyn
Volume 2 Book 8 Chapter 1 - Abiwen
Volume 2 Book 9 Chapter 2 - Nicholil
Volume 2 Book 9 Chapter 2 - Isadorawyn
Volume 2 Book 9 Chapter 4 - Khazum
Volume 2 Book 9 Chapter 6 - Abiwen

Volume 3 Book 1 Chapter 1 - Isadorawyn
Volume 3 Book 1 Chapter 1 - Khazum
Volume 3 Book 1 Chapter 2 - Nicholil
Volume 3 Book 1 Chapter 4 - Abiwen

Reputation needed...
Isadorawyn - Elves of Rivendell, Wardens of Anuminas
Khazum - Elves of Rivendell, Thorin's Hall
Abiwen - Wardens of Anuminas

Immediate Goals...
Abiwen - Deeds
Isadorawyn - Level cap, Mirkwood Radiance Armour, Deeds
Nicholil - Skirmishes, Mirkwood Radiance Armour, Deeds
Khazum - Mirkwood Radiance Armour, Deeds
Simrien - Helegrod Radiance Armour, Enedwaith

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IsadorawynManLore-master65TinkerJewellerGrand MasterYes
EvanricHobbitBurglar46ArmsmanWeaponsmithGrand MasterYes

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